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gris clair.
03 July 2011 @ 03:41 am
u guys.

Poll #1758259 grisclair's retail therapy life

What should I spend $200 on?

make-up (neva enough)
a new phone (current phone is 3-year-old)
SJ merchandise (Zhou Mi mug, Kyuhyun photobook, SJ photobooks, etc.)
half a camera (i have no camera)
cool sunglasses for summer
new glasses (current pair is falling apart)
nothing. keep the money for food and alcohol. like a true kyuhyun.
help me choose, flist.

sadfax: hypothetical, because i don't have $200.
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gris clair.
02 July 2011 @ 12:20 am
I had delicious green tea parfait and green tea cheesecake today!

I also finally met up with my bb today. He walked in with a manclutch, and shoes with heels of at least 2.5 inches in height, not to mention the insoles I knew he had. Oh bb. I liked his clutch tho.
charming manclutchCollapse )

Guys tell me I don't need 3 QMiMin mugs. In various shades of pink/purple.

Why are mugs so expensive tho. Not to mention shipping.
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gris clair.
30 June 2011 @ 02:42 am
1. That awkward moment when I finally step on a scale after 10 months ahhh.

2. I've finally caught up on Khuntoria! lol nearly died laughing at Junsu. Poor bb is always so amazed and grateful when he gets complimented as the "handsome" one by queen Victoria. Victoria and Nichkhun also keep killing me by their saccharine k-drama acts. I had to stop myself from throwing pillows at the screen. sigh Nichkhun's reaction would by my exact reaction if Victoria was standing in a wedding dress in front of me. sigh. lol Amber tho.

3. I finally watched X-Men: First Class!!!!! lol latest of late. sigh I wish the Charles/Erik could have gone on forever. Michael Fassbender was so hot with his multilingual thing but this ain't new. Nicholas Hoult was so cute as Hank but this ain't new either. Aww I hope we see more of him in the future. Somehow his psychopathic role in Skins endeared him to me aww cute psychopathic asshole. Um what else... Alex Summers awww I squealed when I saw him I'm fond of the Summers. Movie!Emma Frost disappointed me tho. That wasn't the White Queen I was hoping to see. :( ...Actually that wasn't the Hellfire Club I was hoping to see either. I mean lol srsly ino it's X-Men, continuity what continuity, timeline what timeline, but still. Can we just make an entire movie about the Hellfire Club. sigh sigh my favourite Queen. Her diamond form was gorgeous tho. Hm time to check out the X-Men fandom again. ...I think I came out of this shipping Alex/Hank even more than Charles/Erik though ahahaha wailt.

4. lol my friend. I texted her with my new number and we set up a meet-up for drinks/dinner despite the fact that I never told her who I was lololol. She could totally guess tho. Dinner/drinks was great fun. I laughed so much my jaw is aching. Anyway after going for drinks I'm so hungry idk why. Since there hasn't been a foodspam here lately... foodspam time!

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza/pancake - my all-time favourite)

om nom nom japanese foodCollapse )
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gris clair.
Oh my god you guys I am alive.

Academia marathon week nearly killed me. Dragging suitcases across countries on no sleep nor food nearly killed me. Two consecutive nights of SMTown Paris also nearly killed me. I completely crashed on Sunday, sleeping until 4 pm. My legs are still a battlefield. My whole body, for that matter. However:

1. FUCKING FINALLY DONE WITH COLLEGE FUCK YEAH. though tbh I don't think it's hit me yet, the fact that I've finished the last years of my academic life.

2. SMTOWN PARIS. The 2 nights had me crushing so hard on Sungmin and Ryeowook. ;~; Sungmin was flawless perfection as expected, while Ryeowook was a tiny bundle of sunshine, so cute so nice so pretty. ;~; I'm sure everyone's already seen the fancams and photos so I'm not going to bother linking mine here. highlightsCollapse )

3. I'm currently on a 2-week Europe trip. So tiring, my god. The continuous academia-SMTown-Europe marathon leaves me constantly exhausted and achy. In Rotterdam right now. Netherlands is beautiful.

4. Zhou Mi is doing a fashion guide book. I don't quite know how to deal with life.
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gris clair.

2. I've just read up on the SNSD girls and to my surprise, most of them are around my height, which is... pretty short tbh. Heels work wonders. ...I want more shoes, yet I move around too much to lug them around. My two favourite pairs of heels:

They're A+ shoes which are actually as comfortable as heels can be to walk in (yes, these 5-inch heels are even more comfortable than the 3-inch pair I use to go to class every day). Obviously it's going to hurt after 3 hours of being constantly on your feet, but for a nice dinner out with minimal walking, perfectly okay.

3. In the shower today (ino) I was just thinking about what I've really learned in the past 3 years of college. I think what I've basically learned is "why we buy shit and how we can make ourselves/other people buy moar". academiaCollapse )
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gris clair.
1. Sudden urge to kill everything academia. The level of the fucks I give has fallen to zero.

2. I've been obsessively listening to Lady GaGa's new album. I... still don't know what I feel about it tbh. Some songs are growing on me I guess. I like Government Hooker, Bloody Mary, love the beat in Schieße, have a strange obsession with Judas, and genuinely like Electric Chapel quite a bit. Schieße is the closest in style to her old stuff I'd say. What I've always loved about Lady GaGa is that she puts out solid dance tracks, and I can see a Schieße remix being pumped up in a club. Her German pronunciation is kind of... odd, but well. Overall nothing really stood out tho. The Fame Monster was still her best (mini-)album.

3. Kyuhyun's hair needs to stop. What did he do wrong to his hairstylist, really?

4. The new weekly Summer Fashion Guide by Fashion Gentleman Mimi, with guest appearances from SJ.
Issue 1 - Sunglasses (click picture for full-size)

Because I want to give Zhou Mi his own fashun magazine spread, lol. And this is an actualfax summer guide! Since many people seemed to like my last Summer Guide For Short Girls, I figured I might as well have a regular short-tips thing going on, and also combine it with Zhou Mi. So I’m taking requests/suggestions!

- What would you like to see in the next issues?
- Whom would you want to guest feature?
- If anyone wants to contribute content-wise, it’d be very much appreciated. :D
- Would you want to see recs for summer destination, cuisine, and activities in the guide as well? Like, idk, special feature, “Gentleman Mimi’s Favourite Holiday Spots” lmao. And then Kyuhyun has a guest corner on Taiwanese fried chicken.

5. Don't ever let Kyuhyun into the kitchen EVER again.
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gris clair.
Unpopular opinion (?): The many times fans have freaked out about Kyuhyun looking sick/tired/not giving a fuck, he's probably just hungover.

Well, at least some of the times.

Ahh hangover I didn't miss you. No comment about Spring Ball last night. Except I curled my hair by myself for the first time and it was interesting. (yes in a moment of drunken stupidity last night I grabbed a beer because it was the only alcohol in sight... never again. though tbf I spilled half of it on the floor. at least not on my dress I love that dress.)

I've run out of things to say so have this.

Makes me cry with lulz tbh. Pls take photoshop away from me.
moarCollapse )
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gris clair.
03 May 2011 @ 04:39 pm
Summer is coming! Time to throw away the heavy jackets, wool tights, and giant scarves into the darkest depth of our wardrobe! In a fit of boredom today I was thinking about how I could revamp my wardrobe for the summer when a thought struck me, hey, let's make a post about summer wardrobe for short girls! Because I am short, and summer is awesome. Beach party, picnic at the park, a day out with friends for delicious cold tropical drinks, it's exciting tiems! Everything in this post will mostly be what works for me on a personal level, but of course different people have different styles and all that, so feel free to adapt to your own style and/or share ideas.

lmao excuse for me to go window-shopping online tbhCollapse )
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gris clair.
02 May 2011 @ 01:59 am
lol ot3 happens. I've made a full QMiMin set (icons, wallpapers), all started from my MiMin header...

Kyuhyun's face ruined my night yesterday. His face is so a w k w a r d.
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gris clair.
30 April 2011 @ 01:10 am
lmao okay everything is aerialite's fault. but. what if.

Sungmin was the Korean version of The Satorialist, only he lived in the UK and had a British accent.

And he took random pictures of this nice Chinese young man on the street of... idk, Sydney? New York? Milan? Seoul? Beijing? And when they started talking it turned out the nice young man had an Australian accent and had a pet koala ha ha.

Then... idk, Kyuhyun speaks Cantonese English or something why is he relevant.

The main point is what if Sungmin had a British accent.

Btw my new lj layout is absoutely stunning in celebration of the new SJM repackaged album.
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