gris clair. (grisclair) wrote,
gris clair.

the return of procrastination spam

1. I'm that stage of pre-exam hysteria where everything is too funny rn, so ofc I'm procrastinating by updating lj. \o/

2. So happy for everyone on flist who's going to SMTown today! Also very jelly. Ahh I seriously hope they'll do SMTown Europe again sometime before January next year. I want to see the EXO children. ;~;

3. So writing hiatus didn't work out so well... but at least I legit won't have time to write for anything but academia until end of May now. Kinda annoying because I've been planning a fic... thing... and I want to write before I get bored of the idea lol. It's also frustrating because I want to talk about it, yet I also don't want to. Tho I can say this is the most frustrating fic I've ever had to plan. At least two A4 pages full of notes and I'm still all "WAT IS HAPPENING."

4. I really want to hang out with my bb but our schedules keep clashing. :( I miss hanging with my friends tbh. Exam month hasn't been fun. I've been mostly a tragic-looking hermit and unchic grisclair the whole month. :| I'll do an exam-outfits post by the end of the month tho. :3

5. I wanted to make matcha cheesecake this weekend but no time or energy. :( My parents seem shocked and amused by my dessert-making hobby lately tho. I can already imagine their thoughts - "THIS KID MUST BE HAVING A BOYFRAND." yeah lol they've been asking me when I'm going to get married, if I need them to introduce me a nice boy, etc. etc. Apparently I'm at that age already.

6. Kai feels still out of control. The discrepancy between his onstage persona and his rl self makes me lol tho. How is it possible for such an expressionless kid irl to have such charisma on camera?? It's like he burns all the energy onstage so when he's off he's just... off. So weird. lol ~chic and blunt~ ice princess.

7. My desktop wallpaper has been accidentally most depressing for weeks apparently.

I haven't noticed until now because there's always so much crap all over the screen I can barely remember what the wp looks like. Finally cleaned it up in a fit of procrastination today. I tried changing it to cute LuKai but then went back to this, because I felt it represented my current feels well. ~o~
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