gris clair. (grisclair) wrote,
gris clair.

sometimes i want to lodge a complaint with SM re: their soul-sucking bands

1. Exam month is so emotionally draining rather than physically draining. It's been raining for the last five weeks.

2. I've decided to go on an official one-month writing hiatus. I've pretty much written my fic quota of 6 months in the last 3 weeks (lol incessant word vomit), and I need to give myself a time-out before my writing self is in danger of burning out. I honestly have the worst writing stamina lmao. (Ideally it'd be a 3-month hiatus, but I doubt I can last that long lol.)

3. ...lj updates are hard when there's nothing exciting going on in my life haha. Oh, I bought tapioca pearls so I can finally make bubble tea at home. My weekend revolves around making desserts these days haha. Making mango panna cotta this weekend. :3 Last week's mango cheesecake was an explosive success.

4. Going out with a friend this weekend, can't decide between afternoon tea and tapas bar. ~o~ I just want to be frivolous and fancy for a day amidst all these exams and deadlines.

5. Speaking of things I can't decide on, idk how to deal with the switch between sexually charged Kai and cute smiley Jongin. But the kid needs to keep his shirt on.

6. dnw to go out and socialise with this hangover rn omg. the only appropriate outdoor activity to do while hungover is afternoon tea. :|
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