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The City Guide: Cake & Alcohol

Once again, list of the cafes/bars I want to check out this summer~

Pacey Cupcakes

My friend just got me some cupcakes from this place, they're delicious and I've never even liked cupcakes. I devoured all of them too fast to take pictures but their matcha cupcake was A+. I'll certainly have to visit the shop sometime soon. :3


I've wanted to check out this place since last year but never got around to it. It looks lovely. There's a gallery and fashion retail part as well. I heard the cakes are good, so. :3

La Fenêtre Soleil (Sun Window)

New location of my favourite cafe. :3 Japanese owned and designed. Inspires the feel of the old French-Indochine. The old place was magical, full of quirky vintage furniture. I hope the new space can live up to its legacy. They serve a lovely Ginger Mojito, with all kinds of fusion Japanese desserts.


Some new restaurant-wine bar thing? Idk it sounds ok, I might check it out if I've got the chance.


My all-time favourite (that I haven't got the chance to revisit this summer)! It might look obnoxiously orange (orange cups, orange flowers, orange everything) but it's very warm, cute, and comfortable. Somehow despite the obnoxious orange, people tend to miss its existence a lot? Every time I take a friend here, they'd be like "...huh, I pass this street all the time and I've never noticed this place." ...probably because it's squished between a Sheraton and a Gucci store... But anyway. The only place in the city where I could get both A++ cocktails and cake. You don't know how hard it is to find a place with both alcohol and cake. Also, A+++ location for people-watching.

Zan Z Bar

Very cool cocktail bar. I spent a lot of time here last summer, just reading/writing in my free afternoons. They have A+++ cocktails. Favourites include Alaska Iced Tea, which is the blue version of Long Island Iced Tea - obnoxiously blue, and bitingly strong. Is there any other reason needed for this place to be on my favourite list?

Crêperie & Café

Yeah I need to make time to visit this place again as well. True to its name, best crepe in the city. Also delicious home-made cake. Very nice terrace, nice view. My go-to destination for a breakfast date.
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