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gris clair.
So a few days ago I received an ask on tumblr!

My initial reaction was "oh, haven't we seen this very same debate for years," but then I got to thinking about it in the context of K-pop fandom (which I'm in right now). I assumed anon asked the question in the context of K-pop fandom (since my tumblr is a K-pop blog), because otherwise it'd take too much time to cover all relevant topics. I was too busy and preoccupied by academia at the time to really dig deep into it, but now that I'm finally a free bitch baby (for a week lol), here's a super long-winded meta on RPF, slash fanfiction, K-pop fandom, and the combination of all three! I've wanted to write something about this for a while, and it's finally time, I suppose.

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gris clair.
20 May 2012 @ 09:06 pm
1. I'm that stage of pre-exam hysteria where everything is too funny rn, so ofc I'm procrastinating by updating lj. \o/

2. So happy for everyone on flist who's going to SMTown today! Also very jelly. Ahh I seriously hope they'll do SMTown Europe again sometime before January next year. I want to see the EXO children. ;~;

3. So writing hiatus didn't work out so well... but at least I legit won't have time to write for anything but academia until end of May now. Kinda annoying because I've been planning a fic... thing... and I want to write before I get bored of the idea lol. It's also frustrating because I want to talk about it, yet I also don't want to. Tho I can say this is the most frustrating fic I've ever had to plan. At least two A4 pages full of notes and I'm still all "WAT IS HAPPENING."

4. I really want to hang out with my bb but our schedules keep clashing. :( I miss hanging with my friends tbh. Exam month hasn't been fun. I've been mostly a tragic-looking hermit and unchic grisclair the whole month. :| I'll do an exam-outfits post by the end of the month tho. :3

5. I wanted to make matcha cheesecake this weekend but no time or energy. :( My parents seem shocked and amused by my dessert-making hobby lately tho. I can already imagine their thoughts - "THIS KID MUST BE HAVING A BOYFRAND." yeah lol they've been asking me when I'm going to get married, if I need them to introduce me a nice boy, etc. etc. Apparently I'm at that age already.

6. Kai feels still out of control. The discrepancy between his onstage persona and his rl self makes me lol tho. How is it possible for such an expressionless kid irl to have such charisma on camera?? It's like he burns all the energy onstage so when he's off he's just... off. So weird. lol ~chic and blunt~ ice princess.

7. My desktop wallpaper has been accidentally most depressing for weeks apparently.

I haven't noticed until now because there's always so much crap all over the screen I can barely remember what the wp looks like. Finally cleaned it up in a fit of procrastination today. I tried changing it to cute LuKai but then went back to this, because I felt it represented my current feels well. ~o~
gris clair.
1. Exam month is so emotionally draining rather than physically draining. It's been raining for the last five weeks.

2. I've decided to go on an official one-month writing hiatus. I've pretty much written my fic quota of 6 months in the last 3 weeks (lol incessant word vomit), and I need to give myself a time-out before my writing self is in danger of burning out. I honestly have the worst writing stamina lmao. (Ideally it'd be a 3-month hiatus, but I doubt I can last that long lol.)

3. ...lj updates are hard when there's nothing exciting going on in my life haha. Oh, I bought tapioca pearls so I can finally make bubble tea at home. My weekend revolves around making desserts these days haha. Making mango panna cotta this weekend. :3 Last week's mango cheesecake was an explosive success.

4. Going out with a friend this weekend, can't decide between afternoon tea and tapas bar. ~o~ I just want to be frivolous and fancy for a day amidst all these exams and deadlines.

5. Speaking of things I can't decide on, idk how to deal with the switch between sexually charged Kai and cute smiley Jongin. But the kid needs to keep his shirt on.

6. dnw to go out and socialise with this hangover rn omg. the only appropriate outdoor activity to do while hungover is afternoon tea. :|
gris clair.
03 May 2012 @ 12:58 pm
Juggling fandom and rl on lj is more difficult than I thought! I keep being all "do I post fandom? do I post rl? isn't my rl all about fandom anyway ha ha?"

Yesterday was cuddly knitwear day, because cuddly cardigan-wearing Jongin was the worst and gave everyone too many feels. There was even cardiganporn written (not by me).

I thought getting a new phone would make me selca more but I just look half-dead all the time I just can't be bothered lol.

Exam month is here. :3 sigh sigh. idk what I'm doing this summer yet. I kind of want to come home for a month or so, but that requires planning. Oh but apparently my parents are planning to go to Hideaway for the holiday. SO JELLY. Hideaway is like my ultimate honeymoon destination. ;________;

...Remember when my life sounded quasi-interesting? ha ha.

It's been raining for weeks here.

Ah, recently I was hit by a wave of feels for Luca Turin again thanks to this presentation. It's basically a summary of his book The Secret of Scent, and he talks about his controversial vibrational theory of smell, the idea that our nose picks up a scent by detecting the smell molecules' vibration (as opposed to the shape). This is his basis for molecular design in perfume chemistry, and it's absolutely fascinating stuff (ok so I might be a little biased/obsessed, but.) Idk if I've ever mentioned The Secret of Scent here but it's an amazing book about perfume chemistry and the biology/chemistry/physics involved in the human sense of smell. I srsly have zero science background but I really enjoyed it. Luca Turin makes science sound like the most beautiful art.

ETA: NYTimes just posted a very interesting article about celebrity versus 'perfumer' perfume! I love that perfumers are slowly stepping out to the limelight, ngl. omg lol @ the part about the rumour of Nasomatto's Alessandro Gualtieri giving his perfumes to the girls in Amsterdam brothels for testing tho. ...His style does seem like that. They also make a very interesting point about "customers wanting to pay more if it's intellectual". Sometimes the niche perfume ad copies make me facepalm so hard as they try to be overly quasi-intellectual with all the fancy words, but that does draw people in.

Incidentally Philosykos is the most beautiful spring perfume. I can't help feeling like I'm falling a little in love every time I spray it. I've also noticed a lot of the perfumes I'm fond of are by Olivia Giacobetti. Her style seems to suit me well. My beloved Tea For Two is her creation as well!
gris clair.
27 April 2012 @ 08:56 pm
Look at me procrastinate like a pro by updating my long-abandoned lj lol...........

Obviously these days I spend a lot of time on tumblr and twitter (because I'm the laziest, and they're faster to update than making a whole lj post, which would actually require brain power). I'm a bit bored with academia (as you can see by my furious procrastination during a time of crazy deadlines and exams), so I've been entertaining myself by jumping headfirst into EXO fandom.

...Yeah. And already wrote 20k worth of fic for it as well. That group of tiny little children is a blackhole of the universe. Remember when I refused to stan SHINee because they were younger than me? l o l. I ended up stanning the youngest kid in EXO this time. Even younger than Taemin. No shame no regrets left tbh. But really, Kai is a blackhole. Thanks a lot SM for the 4281423 Kai teasers. Now the kid has pretty much consumed my life, much like the way Kyuhyun did when I first stanned him. Can't wait to get out of this obsessive phase tbh. Soon I'll be all "ur face is a flat pancake that needs a punch" and life will be much easier. I hope. My days now consist of me waiting for chaltyr to wake up on her side of the globe and bitching about Kai's oral fixation together.

...His face does look like a flat pancake sometimes. But yeah, Easter break has been great. I wanted to get a haircut during the break but I've been so lazy... My hair is so long now, so there's no point. Just gonna tie it up, lol. ...but I still rly want short hair. Anyway, pointless pic of my nails rn. Topshop's Hidden Treasures - definitely my favourite nail polish purchase this quarter.

Oh, I also finally got an iPhone! Hehe fabulous Sungmin case by me that makes ppl pick up and stare at Sungmin's manboobs. (lol @ pretentious Bret Easton Ellis quote) I kind of want a Victoria one as well. Maybe after I get bored of this. I already have the design ready lol.

Ok that's it. I'll probably be around hehe. :3
gris clair.
10 October 2011 @ 07:50 am
Recently at the end of the day I'm usually all "o gotta clean off make-up before I go to bed" but then I remember I didn't even put on any. This is strange, because I'm so used to the routine, the fact that I rarely wear make-up nowadays is disconcerting.

Hmm I've been contemplating straightening my hair after seeing Ga-in in BEG's comeback hahaha. I'm starting to think short straight hair suits me best after looking through a ton of past hair selcas. idk idk. ~o~

This is a post because I miss a bunny terribly.

Its name was Rachel but it never seemed like a Rachel to me. Ugh it was the creepiest bunny. It felt so real! All soft and squishy, like a bunny with all its bones and organs removed! It's not mine, but I got really attached to it. It was my poor one night lover. :( Every time I was sad I slammed it around for comfort. So abused. Then my friend gave it away. Not to me. I felt very betrayed!! My bunny. ;____________; I was sad about it for days. Now I'm still sad.
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gris clair.
20 July 2011 @ 12:23 am
Once again, list of the cafes/bars I want to check out this summer~

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gris clair.
I truly am free from college life!!!!!!

Now it's that stage when no one (especially me) quite knows what to do with my life, so I guess I'll just. Do nothing. For a while.

Look at what I brought back from Venice ha ha. (hint: not the apple. the apple is evil.) Latest of late ino, Italy trip was one month ago.

Anyway, haircut tomorrow! So I have another poll for you all. I'm going to cut it short (why do I ever bother growing my hair out anymore? I can't deal with long hair in the summer /o\), so...
Poll #1762427 hair is srs bsns ok

curly or straight?


bangs or no bangs?

no bangs

what colour?

keep it black

what should i do??

cut & dye
cut & perm
cut & dye & perm
The place I usually go to has strange promotions this summer. There's this thing like "get 45% off if you arrive when it's raining!" lol wat.

Hmm. What if I go blond. In the spirit of SJ's 5jib?
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gris clair.
07 July 2011 @ 06:06 am
I've wanted to write this for a long time, especially since liederkreis linked to an interesting article called Secret of French Girls, a magazine article about the ~elusive styling tips of chic French women written in 1982. Surprisingly, everything still rings true, 30 years later! I didn't even realise the article was from 1982 until I read the blog's comment. It's a very useful article for starting the basic construction of your wardrobe. When you're younger, it's fun to experiment with different styles and trends, but slowly when you grow into yourself and become someone you are comfortable with, your wardrobe will take on a certain personality that you'll nurture throughout the years. This post is to share with you all a few basic principles of being fashunably chic ha ha. :3

lol the continuation of gentleman mimi's summer guideCollapse )
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gris clair.
05 July 2011 @ 06:18 am
Huh apparently having a phone for 3 years is unheard of because "buy a new phone" won by a landslide in the last poll. Yes, I will get a new phone, except... I don't know which one to get. My everything is Apple so I figure I might as well go with an iphone, but iphone 5 is coming out soon except not soon enough and I don't know if I should wait. I don't need the latest version, I'm just waiting for the price of the older ones to go down, lol.

Cute unnirs.

Charming Cho sisters, Cho Ahra and Cho Kyuyoung. Aww.
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