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[not] nostalgic for the summer rain

Juggling fandom and rl on lj is more difficult than I thought! I keep being all "do I post fandom? do I post rl? isn't my rl all about fandom anyway ha ha?"

Yesterday was cuddly knitwear day, because cuddly cardigan-wearing Jongin was the worst and gave everyone too many feels. There was even cardiganporn written (not by me).

I thought getting a new phone would make me selca more but I just look half-dead all the time I just can't be bothered lol.

Exam month is here. :3 sigh sigh. idk what I'm doing this summer yet. I kind of want to come home for a month or so, but that requires planning. Oh but apparently my parents are planning to go to Hideaway for the holiday. SO JELLY. Hideaway is like my ultimate honeymoon destination. ;________;

...Remember when my life sounded quasi-interesting? ha ha.

It's been raining for weeks here.

Ah, recently I was hit by a wave of feels for Luca Turin again thanks to this presentation. It's basically a summary of his book The Secret of Scent, and he talks about his controversial vibrational theory of smell, the idea that our nose picks up a scent by detecting the smell molecules' vibration (as opposed to the shape). This is his basis for molecular design in perfume chemistry, and it's absolutely fascinating stuff (ok so I might be a little biased/obsessed, but.) Idk if I've ever mentioned The Secret of Scent here but it's an amazing book about perfume chemistry and the biology/chemistry/physics involved in the human sense of smell. I srsly have zero science background but I really enjoyed it. Luca Turin makes science sound like the most beautiful art.

ETA: NYTimes just posted a very interesting article about celebrity versus 'perfumer' perfume! I love that perfumers are slowly stepping out to the limelight, ngl. omg lol @ the part about the rumour of Nasomatto's Alessandro Gualtieri giving his perfumes to the girls in Amsterdam brothels for testing tho. ...His style does seem like that. They also make a very interesting point about "customers wanting to pay more if it's intellectual". Sometimes the niche perfume ad copies make me facepalm so hard as they try to be overly quasi-intellectual with all the fancy words, but that does draw people in.

Incidentally Philosykos is the most beautiful spring perfume. I can't help feeling like I'm falling a little in love every time I spray it. I've also noticed a lot of the perfumes I'm fond of are by Olivia Giacobetti. Her style seems to suit me well. My beloved Tea For Two is her creation as well!
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