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a bunny post

Recently at the end of the day I'm usually all "o gotta clean off make-up before I go to bed" but then I remember I didn't even put on any. This is strange, because I'm so used to the routine, the fact that I rarely wear make-up nowadays is disconcerting.

Hmm I've been contemplating straightening my hair after seeing Ga-in in BEG's comeback hahaha. I'm starting to think short straight hair suits me best after looking through a ton of past hair selcas. idk idk. ~o~

This is a post because I miss a bunny terribly.

Its name was Rachel but it never seemed like a Rachel to me. Ugh it was the creepiest bunny. It felt so real! All soft and squishy, like a bunny with all its bones and organs removed! It's not mine, but I got really attached to it. It was my poor one night lover. :( Every time I was sad I slammed it around for comfort. So abused. Then my friend gave it away. Not to me. I felt very betrayed!! My bunny. ;____________; I was sad about it for days. Now I'm still sad.
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